Circolo Popolare

Google – “coolest restaurants London”

Result! And there was Burrata involved.

Atmosphere: Can we just start with the walk from Tottenham Court Road underground station to Fitzrovia area (Charlotte street I believe) (I lied, Rathbone Place, just off Charlotte Street). The whole outside look of this eatery is covered in plants and I can confirm that from the get-go this is an instagrammable eatery you want to get in on (Had no idea this was the case before I booked). The queue was RIDICULOUS. I DO NOT QUEUE FOR FOOD. (Except Padella.. this will happen one day.. but that’s why they created the app Walk-In). I made a booking. So me and my friend jumped the queue. THANK FUCK.

It’s large inside. Super Italian (no bullshitting this one). Bottles all over the wall. Decor is 100 Pts. Friendly staff. Busy – It’s busyyyy. They seat 70+ covers and turn tables (I could be wrong on the covers)

See the pictures and you’ll get what I mean. It’s wild. It’s cool though. The instagram loving me has to drool over how cool it is.

It’s cool.

The only off-putting thing was how many people had bloody portable flashes taking photos of the food. Flash.Es!

Presentation etc. : The brand runs through from the decor to the staff to the way the drinks come. You can buy these mugs on amazon… love that for us.

Cue the image…

one of the popular cocktails as you can imagine

Even when you go onto the website the brand identity is just as strong.

You might recognise this all if you’ve been to Gloria in East London. I believe it’s slightly less visually stimulating but equally as delicious.

Alright – but really, you cannot eat a brand identity.

Food: They do that massive cheese wheel with the pasta (An adequate description tysm). But it’s only for two people. I didn’t get it. I wanted something with Burrata.

Who isn’t a slut for burrata?

Let the photos speak for themselves.


The wine conundrum: 6/10 (It fits the BRAND but it’s not my style, personally). I’m not really sure the deal with restaurants holding these Stella Artois x WSET ISO Glasses but if it works.. it works.

Dessert. A glass of Moscato D’Asti (sugar overload) + Lemon Meringue Pie (more sugar).


I can’t really fault much food wise. I think the visuals kind of throw you off because your senses are overloaded everywhere else except your palette. Perhaps the pizza was a bit watery/soggy but I could see through this. Well.. bite through this. The lemon meringue pie was like a cloud. A CLOUD. But like a fucking delicious sugar cloud.

What would I do differently next time.

Get more cocktails. Get some starters. Get more pizza. Probably still share the dessert (super rich). Try their breakfasts because THAT looks EPIC.

The ultimate Wiiines tip… MAKE A RESERVATION then you won’t be standing in a queue like a knob.

Overall Impression: You get your instagram, you get your carbs, you get your burrata, you fuck off. 8.5/10. Would I go back? Yeah probably, I can’t lie. It’s yummy and it’s funky.

Wiiines rating out of cool: Hot (But not boiling)


Circolo Popolare

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