“I’m gonna call smoking goat” 




“Let’s go to a workout class? Maybe we should stop thinking about food” 


“no workouts” 

“it’s gonna rain”

“I can’t do this anymore” 

“Okay I changed my mind”



“omg smoking goat has a sister restaurant wtf, walk in only” 

Kiln Soho

Whatever you do, don’t slag this off as Smoking Goat’s second best sister restaurant. This isn’t even a sister – this is a best friend. The type of best friend you don’t compare yourself to anymore because you’re both quite tipsy and you’re just flinging around a shit-load of compliments.

Atmosphere: The type of atmosphere you don’t feel uncomfortable waiting for your date to join you at because watching the open-kitchen is a relationship in itself. Any longer and you’re ordering. White walls, some plants, quite small. Bar seating upstairs, no reservations. Tip: Arrive with your entire party, early (reservations avail. for 4+ in the downstairs dining room but v. limited space).

Presentation etc. : Ceramic, clay & terracotta small dishes. Down to earth + simple presentation. Tip: +/- 4 dishes p.p. (excluding rice… never underestimate how much rice you need – even if you’re Keto.. lol… like you’d be reading this blog).

Food: The thing is, if it’s shit, we’ll say. And it’s not shit, so best you go rather than try and eat through an in-depth description. Great balance of flavours + spice which do the meat justice. Each element has been thought of – similar to the origins of the food. Food with meaning fits well here.

From Kiln, “Our cooking is influenced by the regions where Thailand borders Burma, Laos and Yunnan. Our approach is guided by oursourcing of British produce.”

Brown jasmine rice, beef neck curry.
Cornish greens, ox heart curry & red mullet.

The wine conundrum: Is it fairly common to select and judge a restaurant based on the wine glasses? The stem thickness… this matters. The size of the bowl (independent from the wine varietal it’s holding)… this matters. Kiln’s wine glasses relative to the style of food + vibe of the restaurant – bowl:stem ratio is wiiines approved. This will most definitely be a persisting category. Wine glasses matter.

2018 Els Vinyerons Vins Naturals ‘Lluerna’, Penedes, Spain – Went well with the red mullet. Additional thoughts + notes: Balanced, round. Maybe a bit young but, appropriate? Yes. Medium length.

Overall Impression: Young establishment, vibrant team, fucking delicious food, perfect atmosphere to food level*.

Wiiines rating out of cool: fridge to freezer cold.

*does the food fit the vibe? and vice versa. does the restaurant hit way above or below it’s mark? do the table settings fit the cuisine style?

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