Red wines? Cool.

Don’t be a dick – chill your reds.

Consider this a cornerstone piece of content on wiiines.

White wine chilled, red wine room temperature. That’s the way it should be, right? With the explosion of new world and new wave wines, going against the grain seems to be the new thing whilst still keeping quality. Society is adding a new spin on how to drink your wines. Besides, unless you live in a castle-like chamber, keeping your red wine at the oh-so-objective ‘room temperature’ is a difficult feat.

You may be stuck in your Bordeaux ways but chilling reds is starting to become a norm – at least for wines that aren’t Bordeaux. Although it may seem more common to chill a lighter red, say a light bodied Pinot Noir or fruity Cinsault; a heavier, medium-tannin red can also be enhanced with a bit of a chill. 

The facts and figures: Rioja and Pinot Noir should be its tastiest at 16°C, Burgundy and Cab Sav, 17°C and your basic Bordeaux blend and Shiraz at 18°C. 

Our opinion? Keep the light reds in the fridge, take them out 15 minutes before consumption as you’ll want those quite a lot lower than ‘room temp’. Heavier reds are best popped in the fridge for 30-45 minutes or, keep them in the fridge and take out 30 minutes before drinking. 

It’s a magic number that you’re trying to hit, so give it some trial an error and exploration of your own. Just don’t drink them at non-boudoir room temperature, please.

Now go, wine-on.

Red wines? Cool.

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