the concept

Wiiines is a platform and a piece of ‘say what you like + feel what you like’. Maybe we’ll open a restaurant one day or maybe we’ll launch a wine. For now we’re just sharing our thoughts related to all things food, events + post-modern wines and winemaking. We’re Cape Town bred + UK based. We want you to love it as much as we do, from your couch, from a desk, from the train during your commute. We’re a little bit misfit, a little bit rebellious.

Got a wine? Got a restaurant? Got anything kickass? Are you just really nice + want to catchup and speak about how much you love wine? Collabs are welcome, always. Drop us a DM on Instagram @wiiines

We believe food and wine are artforms. It’s a little out there but wine is bit more than an after work drink for us. Whether you’re completely into it or need some convincing, there’s something here for you.

Now wine-on.

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